What is "otomi-games.com"?
- A "Free Site" download anime-styles game, visual novel, japanese games...
Can i request games?
- Yes, please check #Request!
Do you need donate & How do i donate?
- Yes anytime, we need it to keep website alive. If you want donate for us, please check #Donate <3
How do I download and install?
- Please check #Tutorial, it can help you!
Why website only upload "anime-styles game"?
- Easy, i'm a otaku. There are a lot of offline gaming sites, but they are not specialized in anime-style games, so I want to make a site that specializes in this genre!
Why slow to update a new game?
- Will be few reasons: 
+ Wait for the crack to be released.
+ Admin busy real life.
Why not use MEGA? 
- MEGA accounts are limited to 50GB of storage, and we do not have an account premium.
Why some games do not have Google Drive links?
- Google Drive is strictly copyright protected, so to avoid account death, we will filter the game and up to this host.
Do you have more questions?
- You can inbox fanpage or email "contact@otomi-games.com".
How do I extract files? 
I recommend using WinRAR. Check it "HERE".
OTOME GAMES partner with other websites?
Yes, if you have a website, and you want to partner with us.
Video tutorials made by OTOMI GAMES can be re-up?
No, we keep all video copyright.
OTOMI GAMES upload Japanese language games?
Yes, English, Japanese and Chinese. For Japanese or Chinese language games, post title will be note.