- DirectX 12.0: Download "HERE".
- .NET Framework 4.5: Download "HERE".
- .NET Framework 4.5.1: Download "HERE".
- Microsoft Visual C++: Download "HERE".
- PhysX: Download "HERE".
- GeForce Experience: Download "HERE". 
- Update Drive Video Card: 
+ NVIDIA: Download "HERE".
+ AMD: Download "HERE".
+ Intel: Download "HERE".
- WinRar: Download "HERE" (extract software).
- Internet Download Manager (IDM): Download "HERE" (download software).
- Locale Emulator: Download "HERE" (requirements for some Japanese games).
- Power ISO: Download "HERE" (mount file ".iso" software).
P/s: There are many other software that mount iso files, but I think this is the easiest to use software!
How to download form MEGA ? show
✔ How to download from MEGA : 

- If your download is one file :
- If your download is folder : 
Right click into file that you want to download and click like this.
Few options you may choose : 
- Using Megasync to download, check "here".
- If your browser is Chrome, there is few utilities "here".
- If your browser is Firefox, there is few utilities "here".
How to download from Google Drive ? show
✔ How to download from Google Drive : 

- If your download is one file :

- If your download is folder : 
Right click into that File which you want to download (As picture below).
Or you want to download all Files in that Folder you may click "Download All".

Few options you may choose : 
- Using download application from Google Drive, check "here".
How to extract parts ? show
✔ How to extract parts : 

You need the extract tool, the most popular tool is WinRAR, download "here".
Put all file into one folder (as long as those files same folder is good) ➡ right click part 1 (first part) and pick "Extract Here", the remaining parts do not need to touch.
Notice : You have to be sure all files in same Folder, and have to have same name (if you download all file i'm sure you won't miss any).
How to crack game ? show
✔ How to crack games : 

Few way to crack games and the most popular way below : 
Copy all file from crack folder ➡ paste them into game folder (where your game locate).
Will be updated other way later ...

Notice :
+ Turn off all anti-virus software before crack.
+ Turn off Windows Defender if you are using Windows 10.
+ Turn off Windows Firewall (not really that matter).
+ Disconnect the network (few games require this way to crack).
How could i can not save game ? show
✔ How could i can't save game :

I think you just need to run game as administrator, that would solve (right click that game icon, click Run as administrator)
How to play game in japanese ? show
✔ How to play game in japanese : 

Change locale into Japanese: 
+ Windows 7 : Control Panel ➡ Clock Language and Regions ➡ change into tab Adminstrative ➡ in Language for Non-Unicode Programs ➡ Change System Locale ➡ Japanese ➡ OK ➡ restart.
+ Windows 10 : Control Panel ➡ search for Region and Language ➡ change into tab Adminstrative ➡ in Language for Non-Unicode Programs ➡ Change System Locale ➡ Japanese ➡ Ok ➡ restart

+ Or you could use other tools like:  Locale Emulator, NTLEA, Microsoft AppLocale ...

Notice :
+ Most game may not run well in Windows 8 and above.
+ Have to extract all file rar or zip before installing.
+ Oomi-chan alway provides game with crack if need.

+ Few game will require to change Date/Time Format into japan to play.